Perfect Gift for Heart Training: Polar FT60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch


Polar FT60 Men's Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Friends and family have been asking me for the perfect gift to give to a fitness-conscious guy. There are literally thousands of great gift ideas to give to such a man. After some research on great gift ideas for men who exercise a lot and who want to stay fit, one thing came up among the essentials in keeping fit—heart rate training. Thus, I further dug up more information about running watches and heart rate monitors, and finally gave up when I stumbled upon the Polar FT60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Black with White Display).

A few things made my heart start beating fast when I saw this heart monitor watch:

Comfortable and Durable Chest Strap

The Polar FT60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch comes with a chest strap called WearLink. Not many online reviews of the FT60 mention this, that’s why several people often mistakenly buy a separate chest strap. Yet, the chest strap is a crucial component of the heart rate monitor watch, even if it is an external component. Without it, your heart monitor watch simply won’t do its job (except its job as a timepiece).

What does the chest strap (also known as the heart rate strap) do? It is a strap or belt that you wear around your chest. Attached to the strap are sensors that monitor your heart rate. These sensors relay the heart rate data back to the watch on your wrist. The combination of watch and chest strap is common among almost all heart rate monitor watches.

Since you will need to put on the WearLink for as long as you want to monitor your heart rate, you need to be sure that the strap fits snugly around your chest. In the case of the Polar FT60 men’s watch, the strap can be adjusted to fit tightly but comfortably around your chest. If the strap isn’t snug, the heart sensors may relay inaccurate readings of your heart rate or may simply be unable to read your heart rate at all.

The WearLink chest strap also does not chafe your skin as easily as other straps do. It is made of durable, hand- or machine-washable material that is gentle on the skin.

Yet, despite the importance of the heart rate strap’s comfortability and durability, these alone don’t make the Polar FT60 the perfect gift for men who exercise. The actual features must also be factored in.

Perfect Features for Heart Fitness, Performance, or Weight Loss Training

Personal Fitness Training Guide

The Polar FT60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch does not merely tell you the time/date and report your current heart rate. There is more to this watch than just monitoring how fast your heart is beating. It is actually an electronic gadget that can help you plan and track your fitness targets. In short, it can be your personal fitness training guide.

The heart rate monitor has an adaptive built-in feature called the Polar STAR Training Program, which makes it easier for you to improve your overall fitness (moderate-intensity heart rate training or Zone 2), push you to your maximum cardiovascular fitness level (high-intensity training or Zone 3), or simply shed off excess weight (light-intensity training or Zone 1).

Polar Watch

All you need to do is tell your Polar FT60 your sex, age, weight, height, current fitness level, usual activity level, and fitness training goal. That is all you need to do initially to create a fitness training program suitable for your profile. Or, if you prefer to set your daily or weekly exercise targets in terms of calories burned or in terms of heart beats per minute, you can also manually program the FT60 to track that.

Achieving your fitness goals always requires you to perform the right activities at the right intensity. There are times when an activity—no matter how hard or how fast you do it—wastes your time and energy without giving you improved results simply because you aren’t training at the optimal intensity. When your workout doesn’t seem to give you great results, it’s probably because you are training too much or training too little. The Polar FT60 heart rate monitor watch is the perfect gift for workout buffs precisely because it helps them stay within the optimal intensity zone and motivates them to stay on track.

The ability of the Polar FT60 to serve as a personal fitness trainer is actually one of the main reasons that thousands of buyers consider it the perfect gift for men who want to improve their overall fitness, increase their exercise performance, or simply burn those extra calories. But, there’s more to personalized training features in this watch.

Built-in Fitness Test

For convenience, the Polar FT60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch includes a built-in fitness test that you can use to easily determine your current cardiovascular fitness level. The test only takes 5 minutes to perform. The latest result of the fitness test is used to adjust your daily and weekly targets in accordance with your overall fitness goal (i.e., whether to trim down, shape up, or go extreme).

As you perform your various fitness activities, the watch tracks and analyzes the results and recommend an adjusted set of fitness targets for the following week. The Polar FT60 also reminds you to re-take the fitness test upon reaching your fitness targets so that it can make the appropriate adjustments for new weekly targets that it will recommend for you.

Whether you buy this gadget as a gift idea for your man or as a gift for yourself, the watch’s built-in fitness test in itself is a perfect gift for the heart, especially since the watch gives you instantaneous feedback about how fast your heart is beating.

Real-time Heart Rate Feedback

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor watch gives you real-time feedback on your heart rate for as long as you are wearing the watch and chest strap. As you are training, your heart rate is shown on the watch’s display either as

  • beats per minute (BPM);
  • the number of calories burned;
  • a composite of your heart rate in BPM, the current intensity zone you’re in, and the amount of time you’re in that zone; or
  • a percentage of the weekly target for your current intensity zone.

The watch also beeps and displays a visual alarm when you fall outside a target intensity zone; that is, it will warn you if your heart is beating faster or slower than the heart rate range of your defined target intensity zone.

Convenient Tracking of Heart Rate and Performance

The watch’s feedback features are quite handy for monitoring your heart rate and performance while you are trying to achieve your fitness goals. All it takes is one press of a button to start monitoring while you are training, and another button press to tell the watch that your training session has ended. Or, if you are unable to press the watch’s buttons while training (for instance, while wearing gloves), simply activate the HeartTouch feature before you start your session. HeartTouch instructs the watch to show different training information when you bring the watch close to the transmitter on the chest strap.

After each training session (minimum of ten minutes), the heart rate monitor gives you instant feedback about the effect of your training session. For instance, it can tell you whether your fat burning, fitness, and/or maximal performance is improving. The post-training feedback also reports the total time you spent in the three intensity zones, the number of calories burned during the training, the average and maximum heart rate during the training, and your current achievements of your training targets for the week.

Since heart rate and fitness level are intertwined, you can easily say that the FT60 is the perfect gift for your heart—and from the heart.

Easy Recording of Training Results and Info

Polar FT60 FlowLinkIn looking for the perfect gift for men who work out, most people want a heart monitor watch that keeps track of fitness training results. As a matter of fact, it is very helpful to record your fitness training progress. The Polar FT60 makes this task easier. For instance, it can store up to 47 of the most recent results of the built-in fitness test. It can also store reports and information of your latest 100 training sessions and weekly summaries of the last 16 weeks.

If you wish to keep a long-term history of your fitness training results, you can upload your data to Polar’s free web service at To be able to save your data to the site, you need Polar FlowLink, an optional accessory (sold separately) that links your Polar FT60 and your personal computer so you can transfer data. You can view your uploaded data in various formats such as tables and graphs so you can easily make sense of your data.

A lot of people monitor their training load via the web service as a way to keep track of their personal limits, to stay away from overtraining or undertraining, or simply to fine-tune the duration or intensity of their daily and weekly targets.

The optional FlowLink device, then, can also be a perfect gift to complement the Polar heart monitor watch.Other Features

The heart rate monitor watch also displays the time (either in 12- or 24-hour format) and the day or week. It uses bold characters displayed against a white backlight. Another FT60 model displays the information in a red background, although it may not be the perfect gift for people who have difficulty reading under low light. The watch also features an alarm and snooze function. Control buttons are big enough, accessible, and easy to use.

Many of its users love the techno-retro-with-a-little-bit-of-funky look. So, if you are looking for a feature-filled watch with such a sexy style, the FT60 would be the perfect gift to give to your guy.

The wrist unit weighs only 51 grams (1.8 ounces) and is water-resistant up to a depth of 30 meters. A quick note about water resistance, though. This heart training watch has protection against almost all kinds of liquids (e.g., sweat, rain, your spilled orange juice, and so on). You can wear it while you’re swimming, taking a shower, and other similar activities. Just do not press the buttons when the watch is under water.

The chest strap is made of polyurethane with a stainless steel buckle. The watch’s back cover is also made of stainless steel. These combinations of materials are intended to make your watch last long.

Polar FT60 -- Perfect Gift in a Box

Both the watch and the chest strap transmitter use button-cell batteries (type CR2025) that can last from 1 to 1.5 years on the average. Batteries are user-replaceable.

Long story made short: this Polar watch balances functionality, durability, and looks to make it the perfect gift for the heart-conscious man.

Exceptional Value for Money and Efficient Customer Support

Warranty and Support

Even if the features of the Polar FT60 already make it the perfect gift for men who exercise, what good would it be if it has no warranty or support from the manufacturer? The Polar FT60 comes with a 2-year warranty. More than that, Polar offers world-class technical and customer support for this product.

How Much to Buy It For

You can buy the Polar FT60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch straight from the Polar website for about $220, but you might find more attractive price deals from Amazon, which not only offers deep discounts for the Polar FT60 but also ships the item for free to many major cities worldwide.

What Other Buyers Say

Buyers on Amazon have given the Polar FT60 a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. You can find more testimonials and reviews from actual users of the product on Amazon. Go ahead, visit the product’s page on Amazon, and take a look for yourself.