Mar 222011
Gratitude Attitude - The Perfect Gift for Personal Happiness

Whether you care to acknowledge it or not, life itself is already the perfect gift that you can ever receive. But, not everyone considers life a special gift. For others, it is a burden and a curse. Yet, those who look at life as a gift are often the ones who feel gratitude for almost everything that life has to offer—and they are also living happy lives. [Be thankful today and be happy]

The Perfect Gift for Easter

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Mar 152011
The Perfect Gift for Easter

Easter Sunday commemorates the culmination of the perfect gift that the God-made-flesh, Jesus Christ, gave to the world. Among Christians, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday is the biggest event. It is so joyful an event that it encourages giving creative gifts to one another to commemorate the best gift of salvation that the human race has received from its Creator. [What are the best gifts for Easter?]

Mar 122011
Finding the Perfect Gift: Five Questions to Ask Yourself

Giving the perfect gift to a special person is something that requires thought. And not much of the latter—thinking—is happening anymore in a wired world where searching for gifts ideas can be done with a click of a mouse button. When looking for gifts ideas for your special person, what thoughts need to run in your mind? [Know the questions now and how to answer them]