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Mar 142011

Seasons in the SunFor most people, the perfect gift to give to a loved one is something material and tangible. Yet, things are meant to be used, not to be loved. On the other hand, people are meant to be loved, not to be used. It is important to remember this distinction when you go looking for great gift ideas for your loved one.

Great gift ideas don’t need to be all about tangible things either. In many cases, the best gift to give to anyone—whether it is tangible or not—is something that is appreciated, valued, and remembered by the receiver.

People normally give gifts to one another to show their thanks or appreciation, and the best gifts are those that will truly last for a lifetime (if you can find such a perpetual gift), or at least create a long-lasting imprint of the kind act that you have shown to the receiver. Gift giving is a way to show your appreciation and thanks for someone important to you. But, is giving gifts enough to make that person happy? What does it take to give the perfect gift?

Giving out tangible gifts is not enough. To make your gift memorable, make it meaningful. For instance, if you intend to give a pen, you can make the pen—and the experience of receiving it—more memorable by a personalized engraving of the person’s name (or even a favorite quote) on the pen. Giving personalized gifts can help you express how important the gift receiver is to you. A custom-made gift is definitely much better than common, mass-produced gifts.

Another example. Rather than buying an expensive painting as a present, why not paint the person’s portrait with your own hands? You can easily do this if you have the talent; otherwise, you can commission an artist. Or, if you’re looking for anniversary gift ideas for your partner, you can try going on a holiday to a place that both of you have been wanting to visit. Whatever creative gifts you choose, make sure both the gifts themselves and the manner by which they are given are memorable to the receiver.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to arrive before you can give a gift. You can give non-tangible gifts, too, and these are the kind that you can give any time of the year, regardless of seasons. A simple act of kindness, your presence in others’ times of need, your friendship, your reassurance, or any other loving act to another can also be considered the best gift.

Memories can be great gift ideas, too. With the passing of time, memories can fade. The best gift in this case is the reminder of happy memories, especially of shared happy moments. For instance, make a scrap book that pieces together those happy moments. Or, take the person to a place where you shared good memories together, so both of you can reminisce those happy moments that you have shared together.

There are many creative ways to give a gift that the receiver can appreciate, value, and remember. Just keep in mind that the perfect gift is not about the cost of a tangible object but about the amount of love and affection that you pour into the gift.


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  1. Thank you so much for using my art ^^

    I love this one :

    “Things are meant to be used, not to be loved. On the other hand, people are meant to be loved, not to be used. ”

    Good job ^^

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