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Mar 282011
Give the Perfect Gift at the Highest Degree

Nothing beats the knowledge and awareness of who one is, what one is here for, and why life happens as it does. If you want to give others the perfect gift, try seeking wisdom and self-mastery foremost of all. I stumbled upon an ancient framework that you can use to assess your level of creative loving by examining your gift giving behavior. The framework’s foundation rests solidly on the idea that your value is measured not by what you do, whom you know, who knows you, or what you have; rather, your value is measured by what, why, and how you give. [At what Level do you give your gifts?]

Mar 222011
Gratitude Attitude - The Perfect Gift for Personal Happiness

Whether you care to acknowledge it or not, life itself is already the perfect gift that you can ever receive. But, not everyone considers life a special gift. For others, it is a burden and a curse. Yet, those who look at life as a gift are often the ones who feel gratitude for almost everything that life has to offer—and they are also living happy lives. [Be thankful today and be happy]